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10 Best WordPress Security Plugins

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WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world, and that means it’s also one of the most common targets for hackers. You can reduce your risk of getting hacked by following some basic security practices like updating plugins, themes, and core WordPress itself. But sometimes these aren’t enough to keep your site safe from malicious attacks. If that’s the case for you, I recommend installing one or more security plugins on top of those basics—they’re quick and easy to set up and can give you an extra layer of protection against threats like spam bots and bots pretending to be human visitors.


  • Wordfence is a security plugin for WordPress that protects your site from malware and hackers.
  • It’s been around for over 10 years, so it’s tried and true.
  • It gives you real time monitoring of your site, plus easy to use features like firewall rules and IP filtering.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a great plugin for protecting your site against hackers. This plugin will scan your WordPress installation and fix any issues, such as weak passwords or outdated software. It also has a firewall feature which you can use to block malicious traffic from coming in through the web server. The firewall feature works in conjunction with Cloudflare which is an optional add-on to iThemes security.


Sucuri is a great plugin that can detect malware, blacklisting, and other security issues. It also comes with a premium version called Sucuri Security Pro that provides real-time website monitoring, firewall protection against SQL injection attacks, application firewall protection and more.

WP Cerber

WordPress Cerber is a free security plugin that can protect your website against hackers and other threats. Among its many features, it blocks brute force attacks, protects against SQL injection, keeps track of all access attempts to your site by IP address and user agent (so you know who’s trying to hack you), and alerts you whenever someone attempts to install malware on your site. It also has an advanced firewall that prevents unauthorized access through FTP connections.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a plugin that keeps your site safe from brute force attacks, SQL injections, and other forms of attack on your WordPress website. It helps prevent any unauthorized access to your site by blocking the IP addresses of malicious bots trying to break through security measures.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security & Firewall is a premium security plugin that protects your website against attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injections. It also includes an extensive firewall to protect against brute force attacks, DDoS attacks and more.

Defender Security, Monitoring, and Hack Protection

If you’re looking for a plugin that can protect your site from malware and brute force attacks, Defender Security is worth a look. It has the ability to scan for malicious code on your site and automatically remove it. If left unchecked for too long (or if malicious code is introduced into the theme), this can cause serious damage to your site’s functionality. Defender Security also includes firewall protection that blocks users from accessing specific parts of your site based on their IP address or location.

Anti-Malware & Brute-Force Firewall by CleanTalk

When it comes to protecting your WordPress site from malware, CleanTalk is one of the best security plugins available. The plugin actively monitors new posts and comments on your site for suspicious activity, including malware and spam. If it finds any suspicious activity, it blocks the offending user from continuing their activities and sends you an email alerting you of what happened.

If you’d like even more protection against malicious attacks on your site, this plugin also includes a brute-force firewall that blocks IP addresses trying to guess at or crack your login information using automated scripts.

Jetpack by

Jetpack by is a free plugin that you can use to protect your site from brute force attacks. In addition to this, it also gives you the ability to protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS).

It offers advanced security features like:

  • Brute force attack protection (reduces account hacking attempts)
  • DDoS attack protection (throws up a firewall during an attack)
  • XSS attack protection (keeps hackers out of your admin area)

SecuPress Free WordPress Security

  • SecuPress Free WordPress Security
  • Protects against brute force attacks
  • Runs on your local database only, not on the server

The best security plugins out there can help keep your site safe.

The best security plugins out there can help keep your site safe. They’re a great way to secure your WordPress site.

Some of the most popular plugins focus on protecting against brute force attacks, defending against low-level security threats, blocking bots and more.


WordPress is a great platform for building websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. It’s easy to use and has an active community of users who are always willing to help out with any problems you might have. However, this doesn’t mean that WordPress sites are completely safe from hackers—they can still find ways into your website if you don’t take precautions against them.

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