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Best and Affordable cPanel VPS Hosting Plans 2022

vps hosting services
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After months of designing and developing, what comes to your mind when your website is ready to run? Growth, money, etc., right?

A popular line about success says, ” The stronger the foundation of things, the farther they go.” Everyone knows that hosting is the foundation that keeps a website at the top of the SERP. Of course, many factors contribute to the success of a website, but hosting also has a big impact.

Let’s say that your website constantly gets errors and takes a long time to load. This will have a negative impact on the ranking of the website. cPanel VPS hosting can be the best option to get your website on top of the search engines. However, before going into depth, it is necessary to describe VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server. This means that a single physical storage unit is distributed across different server entities.

VPS Hosting and the Technology Behind It

A VPS is a virtualized operating system that acts as a parent server. The OS works on virtualization technology and provides dedicated resources to each virtual server of the VPS hosting service provider and their users. VPS hosting acts like a physical server and replicates its properties and functionality. cPanel VPS hosting is popular because of its private and free-to-use functionality, which allows businesses to-

  • Access VPS from any location.
  • Provide predefined offers to ensure performance is not compromised in any plan.
  • Provide lots of additional features and scalability to upgrade the plan when needed.

Optimized Features of cPanel VPS Hosting

Features are an essential part of best web hosting plans. A VPS hosting provides many features to its users so that they can understand the functionality of using them as per their requirements. Fusion Arc has features and added exceptional functionality to its service, making VPS plans popular. Some popular features of VPS hosting are like-

  • 1 Gigabit Port – It is used to connect computers and servers in the local network.
  • 99% Uptime – Uptime refers to the website’s time availability to users.
  • Control Panel – cPanel is used to manage the whole website according to the user.
  • SSD Drives for Storage– SSD is external storage used to store and retrieve data quickly.
  • Instant Scalability– Any process can expand      to meet the demand easily.
  • Backup Available- Backup helps users to keep their data secure and use it again.
  • Top AMD CPUs – Fusion Arc provides the best brand of CPU to process the data.
  • Multiple Locations – cPanel VPS hosting is accessible from any geographical location.
  • Instant Setup– This hosting plan provides an instant setup feature to use just after purchasing.
  • 40 GBPS Network- Fusion Arc provides 40 Gigabit per second of network speed.
  • 24/7 Customer support- The best affordable VPS hosting provides support service so users can connect quickly with experts.
  • DDOS Protection- VPS hosting service provider has given the best high-end security features to protect users’ data and service.

The Best and Affordable VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting is popular because of its powerful features. It provides everything that the users need to make their website the best      in search engines. This is the most affordable VPS hosting plan that comes with four exclusive plans that offer cPanel to the customers. Every plan of cPanel VPS hosting is distributed according to the features so that people can purchase according to to their needs. The plan of the VPS hosting service provider is as follows-

  • VPS 1
  • VPS 2
  • VPS 3
  • VPS 4

All these plans are named VPS because they all have the same featured service in different availability. So let’s dig deeper into these plans to know how they can benefit users.

# VPS 1: Cost- $8/month

This is the first basic plan of Virtual Private Server Hosting. This Linux Cloud VPS plan has various interesting features for a user, which have proved to be beneficial. This plan provides a control panel to the users so they can manage the website and hosting according to their requirements. Some more features of the VPS 1 plan are like this-

  • In this plan, VPS hosting service provider offers 1 CPU to a website. The CPU is the system’s brain that is used to process single or multiple tasks one by one in the fastest manner. The CPU is one of the best features of cPanel VPS hosting because it increases the processing speed of website data, and the whole system works perfectly.
  • The VPS 1 plan offers 25 GB of SSD storage which stores the data of a website. Storage is important for a website where files, images, etc., are stored. SSD refers to solid-state drives, one of the best storage options. SSD storage, in VPS hosting stores and processes data at high speed.
  • The VPS 1 plan offers 1 GB of RAM, which refers to the amount of random access memory.      Computer storage is available in the private cloud server and processes the essential internal storage features.
  • The cPanel VPS hosting service provider offers 1 TB of bandwidth to a website, which means this feature lets 1 TB of data transfer at a time over the internet connection. It offers enough bandwidth to speed up the website’s performance.

VPS 2: Cost- $24.99/month

The second VPS hosting plan also offers very useful features for a website to run. This Linux cloud VPS plan also offers a control panel to a website so users can manage the website’s settings according to their preferences. The features of this affordable VPS hosting are like this-

  • In this plan, the VPS hosting service provider offers 1 CPU, which helps to process every task with proficiency and speed. The CPU is used by the user’s website to perform any task.
  • This VPS 2 plan comes with 2 GB of RAM, which is the internal storage of the system. 2 GB RAM stores the files and features of the system and processes the data.
  • This plan brings 50 GB of SSD storage to store precious website data and process it with speed.
  • This cPanel VPS Hosting plan comes with 1 TB of bandwidth to process this much data at a time on the internet.

#VPS 3: Cost – $ 34.99/ month

VPS 3 is the popular plan of this hosting service. This plan offers sufficient features for users to make a website easily manageable. The control panel is included in the best affordable VPS hosting services, and some other exclusive features are like this-

  • This popular VPS plan offers 2 CPUs, meaning users get two systems to run their websites. A CPU comes with extraordinary capabilities and processes every operation with speed.
  • The VPS 3 plan offers 4 GB of RAM to store sufficient features, applications, and data in the server system. The amount of RAM a system has will make application processing time much smoother.
  • The VPS hosting service provider plan provides 80 GB of SSD storage to store any kind of data. Larger storage offers a website the ability to run on the internet without worrying about storage problems.
  • This plan offers 4 TB of bandwidth. It means the server system lets the website transfer the 4TB of data over the internet.

#VPS 4: Cost – $64.99/month

This one is the last plan of cPanel VPS hosting, which shares the same features and services as the others but in the best way. The last service on the plan board is usually the best overall. This plan comes with the control panel as usual and offers some features like-

  • This plan includes 4 CPUs that can be used to manage multiple websites with high processing power. These CPUs can speed up the performance of a website with their functionality.
  • The VPS 4 plans come with 8 GB of RAM to store the server system data, which is essential for operating the whole system. 8 GB is sufficient system storage to enhance any application’s data processing.
  • The VPS hosting service provider includes 160GB of sufficient SSD storage for websites, so users can use it accordingly to store data.
  • With 5 TB of storage, this plan offers plenty of bandwidth for users and websites. 5 TB of data transfer at a time over the internet is an amazing feature for a website.

Reasons to Use cPanel VPS Hosting

Independence and Safety

One of the biggest advantages of the best affordable VPS hosting is that they usually have root rights. They have unlimited power to modify your operating system and run and install all the applications and programs.

This allows the highest level of customization of each VPS individually and independently and provides complete isolation between the two environments.

If one VPS cannot respond or be attacked by malware, the rest are unaffected. Furthermore, this makes VPS the ideal sandbox for testing and developing the latest technologies.

Customization and Affordability

The growth of VPS has also contributed to the growing popularity of micro services. When you use a dedicated server, setting up a single server for a work method can be expensive, as most of the server’s capacity will go unused. However, VPS is the best and most affordable VPS hosting because you can build a very small server with only the resources needed for one job.


Data protection and backup are some of the biggest advantages of VPS hosting service providers. The service has several security features to make backups and protect data automatically. It doesn’t matter how strong the malware or virus attack is; the security feature keeps the data secure at all times.

Scalability and Growth

Lastly, cPanel VPS hosting gives users scalability, allowing them to buy more storage or other features whenever needed. Scalability is a beneficial service offered by the VPS hosting service provider to      users. It lets them select the plan and extend the facilities accordingly. These factors help the business to grow rapidly with cPanel VPS hosting.

End Note

VPS Hosting and features are beneficial according to the above-given content. The best affordable VPS hosting offers enough storage, speed, and security for a website to rank well in search engines. Fusion Arc always updates the features of cPanel VPS hosting so users can easily manage them. Contact us if you’re willing to get a feature-loaded and affordable plan from a VPS hosting service provider for your website.

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