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Use YouTube to Drive Website Traffic

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. It is used by over one billion people every month, and it’s also the second most visited site on the internet. The sheer amount of traffic that pours through YouTube every single day should be enough to make any brand owner excited about using it for marketing purposes. However, many businesses still don’t realize just how valuable YouTube can be for driving website traffic. In this post, we’ll outline some ways that you can use YouTube content to drive more traffic to your site.

Creating a YouTube Channel

If you already have a website, it makes sense to create a YouTube channel that is consistent with your website. This will help build trust with visitors and increase their willingness to click through to your site.

This also applies if you plan on using YouTube as one of many ways to drive traffic back to your website. If the content on your channel isn’t relevant or consistent with the message you’re trying to convey through other channels such as email marketing or social media ads, then viewers may be confused about where they should go next and what they should do when they get there.

Using different formats to keep your audience entertained

Youtube is a great platform to showcase your content, but it also helps you drive traffic to your website as well.

You can use different formats to keep your audience entertained. For example, you can upload short videos or long-form videos, depending on what works for you. You could also upload live streams and be an online personality for a particular niche or topic that interests people in the industry.

Consistency and Quality are the key

Consistency and quality are the key to success with YouTube. If you’re only uploading videos once a month, it’s not going to work as well as if you were uploading daily. The more often your audience sees your content, the more likely they are to subscribe and come back for more.

The same goes for the actual content of your videos—you need to be consistent in terms of quality and frequency from one video to another. If one video is better than another, then people will expect all future uploads to be of a similar caliber or higher; otherwise they’ll lose interest quickly!

Optimize your videos

In order to optimize your videos, you’ll need to use keywords in the title and tags. Tags are words or phrases that describe your video. When people search for these keywords, they’ll be able to find your video on YouTube and potentially click through to your website.

You can also use keywords in the description of each video. If a person searches for one of those terms but doesn’t find it on YouTube, he may end up clicking through to your site from Google or another search engine instead!

Running promotions and contests running promotions

Running promotions and contests is a great way to get people to engage with your brand. You can use this strategy for any promotion, but it’s especially effective for events like product launches or workshops.

Here are some ways you can run a contest:

  • Showcase how someone uses your products in an entertaining way
  • Ask users to create content about something interesting or relevant (e.g., “We want you to tell us why our company should sponsor your favorite soccer team/charity”)
  • Find hidden gems from within your audience and let them shine (e.g., “Show us what makes you happy!”)

These tips will help drive traffic to your site through YouTube

  • Keep the video short and focused.
  • Use high-quality videos with good lighting and sound.
  • Use subtitles or closed captioning if you’re using a foreign language and/or have an accent.


There are many ways to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website. The most important thing to remember is that you need a strong content strategy and know what kind of videos will attract viewers. If you don’t have time or money, then start with a simple Google search on how make money on YouTube.

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