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Best cPanel Reseller Web Hosting Plans to Make You Rich In 2022 

Best Reseller Web Hosting Plans
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Hosting services are in great demand as most businesses and organizations require a web-based presence. As a result, the market is expanding and growing in the internet hosting sector, especially cPanel reseller hosting.

Entrepreneurs and business owners take advantage of reseller hosting businesses to increase the revenue stream of their business. So why are you holding back from trying this profitable business? Starting a reseller hosting cPanel business helps gain popularity and wealth because it is affordable and easy to run.

Reseller Hosting: Let’s Get Started With the Basics First

Reseller hosting allows customers to purchase hosting resources at the best prices and later offer them to their own customers. This hosting plan offers storage space on disk, bandwidth, email, and other features when using a per-package or per-site model. Reseller hosting cPanel plan can be a profitable option for you. There are two overall phases of this hosting service, which start with the purchase and ends with receiving the profit.

1. Your hosting provider will offer a fully managed service consisting of servers and hosting resources to deliver top performance to your customers.

2. After purchasing cPanel reseller hosting services, you are free to resell the service under your brand name, and you rate other users on what you think is profitable. Many people see it as an affordable alternative to shared web hosting plans.

Beneficial Points a Reseller Must Understand

Point 1:- For the most part, cPanel reseller hosting service is developed so that users can offer web hosting plans to their brand customers. These services are always ready to use with your chosen hosting plans.

Point 2:- Best reseller web hosting plans include all the tools for managing and operating reseller accounts. So, you can access Web Host Manager (WHM) and a Reseller Control Panel as a reseller.

Point 3:- Its Web Host Manager allows resellers to modify and personalize hosting packages and provides their customers with control panels. In addition, many hosting companies that provide reseller web hosting solutions allow the reseller to cancel the plan at a certain time.

Point 4:- Resellers can customize the hosting packages they will provide, add special promotions, and set their prices. In addition, you can also choose specific features for each custom web hosting configuration. You can also define the bandwidth and disk space quota for each hosting account.

cPanel Reseller hosting helps a reseller focus on people with special needs of hosting plan because a reseller gets services according to them. Therefore, customers only need to pay for the service they need.

Buying a cPanel Reseller Hosting Services? Consider Things to Get the Best Reseller Web Hosting Plans

Step-1 Identifying your Goal for business.

Determining your business objectives is the most important step in your reseller business. Your business objectives are tied to your industry and customers. Some things that can be considered for your business include sales goals that increase your customer base and the amount of traffic your website generates.

Ask some questions from yourselves-

  • Want to launch a hosting company for you?
  • Do you only focus on generating money?
  • Is your goal to reach the top of the market and become a successful entrepreneur?

A clear business plan and the target market will assist you in planning and developing your business to its fullest.

Step-2 Choose a Reseller Hosting cPanel plan.

A reseller hosting plan is the best medium to become a successful hosting reseller or grow as a businessman. Of course, the reseller has to pay an amount to buy the hosting plan, but it helps in building wealth. The result or return of the best reseller web hosting plans is very beneficial in many ways.

  • Getting a cPanel reseller hosting plan helps a beginner to understand its features.
  • A strong relationship in the field of business is a plus point. For example, when a reseller buys a hosting plan, it helps to build a relationship with the hosting company.

Many individual think that getting the best hosting will be difficult, which is not true. We, Fusion Arc, a USA-based hosting provider, have many customers who have benefited themselves with our best reseller web hosting plans. Our reseller hosting cPanel plans have fulfilled the dreams of many individuals to become rich and have established a strong business base for them. So, let us know about the reseller plans that will make your dream of becoming rich come true.

We Offer Rich Features in Reseller Hosting cPanel Plans.

Reseller hosting plans are one of the best-value services for hosting businesses. These schemes have enriched the lives of many individuals and generated great business revenue. Furthermore, these plans offer a range of features along with the high-end services of the hosting providers. So let us know in depth about the selected services of the reseller plan.

Plan 1- Entry Reseller

Plan 2- Alpha Reseller

Plan 3- Bravo Reseller

Plan 4- Charlie Reseller

Well, the titles are catchy, but their features are excellent too. These plans are divided into four categories based on usage and price. So, without creating more mystery, let’s move on to these reseller hosting cPanel plans to know what features each they offer its users.

# Plan 1- Entry Reseller

Price – $12.95/month

Understanding the basic plan of reseller hosting cPanel services; Allows a person to have the entire infrastructure in their mind. The entry Reseller plan is the basic plan we offer; many people think the basic plan has the least features, etc. But the reality is somewhat different here. We at Fusion Arc provide hosting services as per usage.

This reseller hosting cPanel plan comes with 30 days money back guarantee and provides multiple features, which are like this-

  • The entry plan offers a 30-day free trial to give the reseller a better opportunity to understand the benefits of hosting services.
  • The Entry plan comes with cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) to provide the user with adequate control over the website and hosting facility.
  • This plan offers 15 cPanel accounts, which means a reseller can create 15 user accounts and benefit from this hosting business.
  • The Entry Reseller hosting cPanel plan offers the reseller 15GB of disk space usage. This fast-powered 15 GB disk space is enough to maintain 15 accounts.
  • This plan offers 256GB of bandwidth, allowing users to transfer data at high speeds.
  • This entry plan gives unlimited account creation rights to the reseller. This way, resellers can provide website services in their hosting plans and generate more salary from this facility.

# Plan 2- Alpha Reseller

Price – $24.95/month

Alpha Reseller is an affordable reseller service that includes many features and benefits. This plan includes various features and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The features of Alpha plans are like this-

  • The alpha plan has cPanel and WHM, whose functionality helps users manage and control the provided hosting services.
  • This reseller plan comes with 35 cPanel accounts, which lets a reseller provide 35 user accounts and benefit from them. These cPanel accounts have every feature to customize and create a manageable setting in the website according to a user.
  • This plan offers Reseller 25GB of disk space, which is enough to store any website’s data. Fast-functioned disk space works smoothly to operate every bit of data in less than a second.   
  • This cPanel reseller hosting plan offers 400 GB of Bandwidth to let the hosting users transfer the information with speed.
  • Alpha Reseller plan offers unlimited website creation so that Resellers can use this offer according to their benefits.

# Plan 3- Bravo Reseller

price- $34.95/month

This is third and one of the popular and best reseller web hosting plans from Fusion Arc Hosting. Bravo Reseller plan offers various features along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This plan has some well popular features like this-

  • C panel and WHM control panel help users manage the website data and give hosting features according to them. With its advanced services, cPanel has very useful functions that can help a user do coding and technical tasks.
  • Bravo reseller plan comes with 60 cPanel accounts. Resellers can create 60 user accounts and sell them on their highly profitable plan to generate better revenue.
  • This cPanel reseller hosting plan offers 45GB of Disk space. A reseller can distribute the disk space in his various plans to his clients.
  • With 600 GB of bandwidth service, this plan lets a reseller distribute and sell this feature on his high-profit offers. 600 GB of fast bandwidth is enough to distribute in multiple plans for a user.
  • Bravo reseller plan offers unlimited website creation on this service. With this feature, a reseller can sell and create multiple websites featured on various services. It’s one beneficial feature of best reseller web hosting plans from Fusion Arc.

# Plan 4- Charlie Reseller 

Price- $69.95/month

This is the ultimate and one of the best reseller web hosting plans. Charlie’s Reseller plan has every best-featured service a reseller could need. Moreover, this plan offers a wide range of features that can prove useful to many users and generate a huge profit for a reseller.

This generates several times the revenue for a reseller compared to the original plan price. This plan has features like this-

  • This plan comes with a multi-featured loaded WHM and control panel, which lets website owners customize their hosting settings.
  • With 80 cPanel accounts, this plan lets resellers sell 80 user accounts at a profitable price and earn profit from it.
  • This cPanel reseller hosting plan comes with 75GB of disk space, letting the reseller distribute and sell them according to their plan.
  • Charlie plan comes with 1000GB of Bandwidth and lets the reseller provide these high-speed bandwidths in their plans.
  • This reseller hosting cPanel plan offers unlimited website services, so the reseller can create a website to run many businesses or sell the feature in his hosting plans.
  • This plan offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers.

Now that you know how these powerful web hosting plans can benefit a reseller, it’s time you become one!

Startup vs. Prominent Investors: Do Best Reseller web Hosting Plan’s Features Differs for Them?

Be it a startup or a large investment agency, both get similar and different benefits from best reseller web hosting plans. We have discussed the plans and how those plans are useful for resellers. When using a cPanel reseller hosting plan, a startup can get started with the Elite plan and understand the working function of each feature. But an agency or investor may want higher profit margins in the initial period.

They can invest in big plans like Bravo and Charlie to get the resources and facilities to quickly generate a huge profit. But in terms of features, Fusion Arc provides every feature to its customer so that everyone can get the best out of their reseller hosting cPanel services.

Some additional features of cPanel Reseller hosting are –

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited domains
  • Softaculous Installer
  • Unlimited FTP account
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • LightSpeed server’s 20 times speedy service
  • Free Site Migration
  • 24/7 Support
  • DDOS Protection
  • Instant setup of service
End Note

We have already discussed how reseller hosting cPanel services can benefit individuals and help them become successful businessmen. As a business startup, reseller hosting is counted as one of the best and most profitable ideas. Any individual or agency can invest little and earn more money. Just don’t hold back and try this business with Fusion Arc Hosting; Click the Contact Us button to get in touch with us.

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