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Starting Your Own Hosting Business? Get An Email Hosting Reseller For Success!

Email hosting reseller Fusion Arc Hosting
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Everyone seems to understand the importance of having an online presence, but not everyone knows the appropriate way to do it! Some lucky folks know about the best reseller web hosting plans and make it to online success. Reseller hosting is about purchasing wholesale hosting and assigning some portion of your server and domain resources to others. However, you can reach out to a new audience with the help of a hosting provider. 

According to a recent study, the web hosting industry grew by 16% last year, and it will reach $154 billion by the end of 2022. Although, this leaves ample room for resellers to get a profitable business under experts’ guidance. You may have often heard about email hosting resellers for business. Granted, this is an essential step, but people don’t know how to manage business communications. However, email hosting is easy to set up when it comes to private use for business. In this article, we’ll take a look at how email hosting works and benefits your business:

An Introduction to Email Hosting Reseller

Email hosting allows you to send, receive and store emails on a server given by a professional web hosting provider. Usually, it comes with major functionalities such as folder creation, file transfers, and template usage. Unlike free email service providers, you can set up an email address that incorporates your domain name. For instance, if you run an e-commerce store your email address can be There are many reseller web hosting plans available that you could use for your business.

A legitimate website offers an email hosting reseller plan at a reasonable price but offers genuine features such as data security, professional information, and so much more. Let’s have a look at some advantages of having the best reseller web hosting plans.

Perks Of Having Email Hosting For A Business

Improves Brand Image

Having your domain in your email address can enhance your brand reputation and make it look more professional. We all know the greatest aspect of a strong company is getting recognized by the public. If your consumers can connect to your products or services easily with your name, they will most likely stay. This applies to email as well. Having inconsistencies in your branding can damage all your efforts to gain exposure. A solid brand identity is made with Email Hosting Reseller. If they can’t readily communicate with your business, you are likely to lose out on conversion. Once you are able to interact with customers through valuable email hosting, you can easily manage multiple addresses. Create accounts for marketing, support requests, and general contacts so that audiences can get in touch with your team. 

Email Hosting Is Scalable

A Scalability is a vital aspect of your business. Altogether, with right email server you can meet your requirements in a short time span. Dedicated customer support, increased storage, and more addresses in the top domains come along with email hosting. Similarly, If you want your business to expand in the future, acquire the best reseller web hosting plans for providing your primary point of contact. In addition, it delivers high performance and adds many layers of security. The number of accounts depends on your email hosting plan.

Admin Panel & API

Basically, Email Hosting Reseller can manage the email accounts via an admin panel or API (application programming interface). API lets developers change passwords, make account modifications and see provisioned mailboxes from their own application server. The admin panel is controlled by an email reseller who manages the group of domains.

Maximize the Security of Your Inbox

Data breaches in recent years are increasing by a high percentage, which is a top priority for many clients. Encryption can prevent your emails from being read by any third party other than the intended recipient. Simultaneously, you can send sensitive information internally to your team or customers. All you need is the key security feature of the Email Hosting Reseller plan. Once you take care of this, you can set up extensive malware and spam filters. This will give the security that your data is protected and your messages are safe to open. 

Advanced Features

A user can choose POP3/IMAP and SSL by allowing customers to connect to their accounts via mail applications. Also, They can limit service to webmail access. For more secure opportunities, SSL can be great! Reseller email hosting is useful for any individual or business who is looking to outsource an email offering. However, the labeling can exclusively depend upon the unique requirements of the reseller.

Provides More Uptime

Whenever, it comes to uptime you can have guaranteed benefits. There is a crucial difference between an email hosting solution and a standard client. Uptime is pivotal for a thriving business when customer service and team communications are concerned. If someone has some error that needs to be addressed quickly, it’s important to get it right away. Downtime results in lost emails and delays in receiving important information. A successful business flourished under Email Hosting Reseller. A quality email host provider will never disappoint you, so invest your money in the best reseller web hosting plans.

What Does A Reseller Package Include?

Reseller packages can differ from provider to provider but here are a few points that are usually included:

  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • cPanel for Linux
  • Customized account and website management
  • Security tools
  • Technical support (usually 24/7)
  • Disk Space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Label branding

Fusion Arc Hosting: Reliable, Scalable, and Affordable

As you know the ultimate benefits of an email hosting reseller, it’s time to move ahead. Email hosting can grow with your site and improve brand consistency.  Enjoy the premium services of Fusion Arc Hosting and scale your plan based on your current needs. If you rely on a hosting provider like us, your inbox and your data will always be secure. At Fusion Arc Hosting, we give you more uptime, high-end tools, and integrated email hosting solutions. Get a high performing site from a top-tier host today. Contact our team and learn more about our hosting plans!

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