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How to Connect to cPanel via SSH Access?

SSH Login
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Reading Time: 2 minutes

1. To connect via SSH you must be using a SSH client like putty:

2. Know your SSH credentials please reference below. 

The credentials and address to log into the cPanel via SSH are:
hostname: [Put down your domain name]

Note: The port may differ per server ask your hosting provider for more help:
port: 22

username: username2303 [The cPanel’s username]
password: P5dFGgLOp [The cPanel’s password]

3. Open up Putty and fill the information needed as shown above and click on open. NOTE: You must put in your information if you do not know your SSH information please open a support ticket:

4. You may be prompted by a warning message. This message is normal and you need to click on yes to trust the key:

5. Once you clicked on yes you will connect to the server and now need to put in your username and password. NOTE: When typing password it will not show but it is typing this is done for security:

Congratulations! once you press enter after adding your password you should now be connected to your cPanel account via SSH. If you encounter any issues please contact our support team.

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