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How to Create the Perfect About Us Page

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There’s a lot of information on the Internet, but how do you make yours stand out? The answer is simple: write an About Us page. This page should be packed with useful and compelling information about your company, so that potential customers can learn everything they need to know before making a purchase or signing up for services.

What is an About Us page?

An About Us page is a simple introduction to your company. It’s a place where you can tell visitors about the mission of your business, how long it’s been in business, and any awards or recognition that you have received. It’s also a great place to show off some of the best parts of working at your company — do you have an on-site gym? A game room? A ping pong table? Or maybe there are other perks like unlimited vacation time or catered lunches every day!

It’s important that this section is well-written, interesting and informative without going overboard with details. You want people who visit this page to know why they should work for your company and what makes it special – but not so much detail that they lose interest before reaching the end of the article.

Decide what kind of information to include in your About page.

It can be difficult to decide what information to include on your About page. You want it to be informative and give potential customers a clear understanding of who you are and what you do, but you don’t want it to turn into a long list of topics that have nothing to do with each other.

The answer is simple: start with the basics, then consider adding more information as needed. You’ll only need certain pieces of information if they’re relevant to your business—if not, leave them out! Here are some common sections that people often include on their About pages:

  • An introduction about who owns/runs the business (or “About Us”)
  • A brief description of how long the company has been in operation (optional)
  • A list of locations where customers can find products/services offered by this business (optional)

Tell your company story.

Tell your company story.

Your About Us page is an opportunity to let the world know how you came to be and what makes you special. Try to keep in mind that this is not a place for self-promotion; we’ll get into that later! Instead, provide a brief overview of how the company was founded and why it exists today. This is where you can share some of the struggles behind starting up, as well as what drives your team forward each day.

Display your team.

  • Show the diversity of your team.

No one wants to be an outlier in a group that doesn’t look like them, so it’s important to showcase the variety of your team and how they’re all contributing to the company’s success. If you have an especially diverse group, this is when you can really shine!

Use testimonials on the About page.

The most important thing to remember about testimonials is that they build trust. Showing potential clients that others have used your services before and enjoyed it gives them confidence that you’re the right choice for them.

In addition, if you’re not able to include a lot of testimonials on your page, consider linking to external sources where people can read more positive reviews of your business.

Don’t be afraid to brag about achievements and awards.

  • Don’t be afraid to brag about achievements and awards.

Your About Us page is a great place to share all the awards and recognition you’ve received over the years. If you have an award for being the best at something, or if you won some sort of special recognition from a company or organization, including those in your About Us section will show off your value as a business partner.

Add a call to action on your About Us page.

You may have heard about calls to action before. They’re what direct readers to take a specific action after reading your content, whether that’s making a purchase or signing up for an email list or following on social media. Calls to action are an essential part of any marketing campaign—and having one on your About Us page is no different.

To ensure that your visitors know what you want them to do next, add at least one call-to-action statement directly below the text of each paragraph on this page (you can also include more than one). One strategy is to make sure that every paragraph ends with a mini-calls-to-action: “Click here!” “Visit our website!” Or even just “Learn more!”


Remember, your About Us page is all about you. It’s a chance to tell potential customers who you are and what makes your company unique. Your About Us page should be a place where people can connect with your brand on an emotional level; this means including stories, photos and videos that convey the heart of your business. When it comes down to it, if you have great content on this page then visitors will want more information about your products/services because they like what they see!

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