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How to Find The Best Keywords

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Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. It’s how you figure out what people are searching for, and it can help you find opportunities to reach your target audience. But how do you figure out what keywords to use? Here are five ways to find the best keywords:

1. By using keyword research tools like Wordstream or Google Keyword Planner

  • By using keyword research tools like Wordstream or Google Keyword Planner (or any other paid tool), you can find what keywords people are searching for that relate to your business.

2. By finding keywords that work for your competition

Now that you know how to find keywords, let’s talk about how to find the right ones.

First, start by finding a competitor who is already ranking well for your target keyword. Then:

  • Use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool to search for their top performing pages and see which keywords they’re ranking for.
  • Take note of these keywords and do some research on your own using Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) or SEMrush Keyword Analytics to determine if there are any other good options hidden in their backlinks that you aren’t seeing in Keywords Explorer’s SEO metrics (Keyword Difficulty).
  • Next, use Ahrefs’ Backlinks Tool to check out those backlinks from the competitor’s best performing pages using “URL-only” mode so that you don’t get overwhelmed with data (we’ll cover this in more detail later). If there are any quality links to be found, make note of them too!

3. By improving your existing content

While optimizing your existing content might not be the most exciting way to find keywords, it can be very effective. You can improve the ranking of your posts in search engines by:

  • Adding more images and videos (Google loves images)
  • Adding a keyword at the start of your post title (including the main keyword)
  • Using variations on the same keyword in different places throughout your writing, such as including synonyms in headings, subheadings and body text or using adjectives that describe a product or service you offer

4. By using your search intent to find keywords that cover all of your questions

You want to find keywords that cover all of your questions. You can do this by looking at the search intent of your customer.

Search intent is the reason why someone is searching for something, and there are three types of search intent:

  • Informational: Someone wants to learn more about a topic or solve a problem
  • Navigational: A user has found what they were looking for on your site, but they don’t know how to navigate around it
  • Transactional: Someone wants to buy something from you

Consider the following: you’re trying to rank on a term that’s not exactly new, but it’s been around for a while and is steadily gaining traction. If you dig into Google Trends’ data about the keyword, you can see how people have searched for that keyword over time and what geographic areas are most interested in it. This will help you determine whether your efforts are worth it—if the trend isn’t gaining any ground or has plateaued, then perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.


At the end of the day, keyword research is a bit of an art — there are no hard and fast rules. But with these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best keywords for your business!

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