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How to fix a 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Error?

509 Error on a website image
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If you have visited your website and found that it is showing a 509 error message this is nothing to panic about and usually can be fixed easily.

What does it mean and how do I fix it?

This error is being provided by your hosting providers server. The reason is because your website has reached your plans allocated bandwidth limit. This, too, has an easy solution: try to free up some bandwidth find what is causing the excess usage. Typically, we accomplish this by upgrading the hosting plan, reducing file sizes, enabling cache, and so forth.

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How can I avoid this error message?

  1. Upgrade to a larger plan
  2. Decrease your images or other file sizes.
  3. Use cache plugins.
  4. Add a CDN to your website.
  5. Ask us at Fusion Arc Hosting to check your website to see if you are being attacked. This commonly leads to excess bandwidth usage especially when you see a spike in usage compared to the previous month.


When the given website bandwidth is totally spent, the error 509 bandwidth limit exceeded appears. It is important to find out why or what is using up so much bandwidth on your website and if you need any help our team is happy to help you with that.


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