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How To Fix the [509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded] Error

What is Bandwidth Limit Exceeded 509?
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are you getting a 509 bandwidth error when trying to load your website? This can be one of the most stressful parts of being a website owner. This is especially true if the problem is accompanied by a very vague message you don’t understand, such as the “509″. In this article, we will explore why the “509 bandwidth limit exceeded” error appears and how to overcome it.

What Exactly Does “Error 509 Bandwidth limit” Mean?

You are experiencing a ‘509 bandwidth limit exceeded’ error. This usually means that your site is consuming too much of your hosting plan’s allowance of transferable data, or bandwidth. Bandwidth usually refers to the amount of data you are able to serve up to visitors in gigabytes (GB). At Fusion Arc Hosting we have plans with a set limit on bandwidth and plans without a hard limit on bandwidth.

Hacker attack and data breach, information leak and cybersecurity concept.

So What Caused This? It Used To Not Happen.

Many of our customers end up getting the 509 error limit when there website has the following:

  • Large amount of website visitors (Normal Growth)
  • Unusual Spike in traffic (Could be an attack or a large file download and or upload)
  • New website referral links (New Backlinks)
  • Videos or large images hosted on our servers (Causes a lot of bandwidth usage for example a video streaming session)
  • Blog traffic increase

If none of these appear to be a reason for why you are getting the error it would be best to contact our support team so that we can take a look at your website logs and traffic patterns to learn what page is using the most bandwidth or what IP addresses are using the most bandwidth. If it’s only a couple IP’s then that would indicate a potential DDoS attack.


Best Ways to Resolve The Error or Prevent It.

Our team usually recommends a couple of possible solutions. Take a look at some of the best options to make this error go away and not happen again.

1. Upgrade your plan

Sometimes this can be a result of normal traffic growth patterns and the only way as your website continues to grow and gather more traffic and or audience is to get your current hosting plan upgraded to a higher bandwidth allocation.

2. Enable a CDN Service

CDN – or Content Delivery Networks allow your website an additional security protection method. With a CDN you may also get a larger amount of bandwidth allocation for your usage but you will also get the benefits of having global servers connecting your website right next to your visitors location. We found that most CDN companies offer a free tier of service and it may be a great thing to look into for this error and your website as it grows.

3. Check for attacks or strange IP’s connecting to your website

As part of our investigation we commonly will take a look at your websites traffic analytics using our cPanel control panel and AWstats this allows us to gather the IP’s that visit your website the most hence we are able block them if they look malicious or using an abnormal amount of request.

Has this been helpful? In Summary

We understand encountering an error such as the error 509 limit reached can cause a lot of stress to website owners. If this issue continues we would highly recommend you reach out to our support team so that we can work with you directly and get this resolved.

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