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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

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If you want more traffic to your blog, there are a few things you can do. We’ll go over each of them here so that you can increase your site’s popularity and become an online publishing superstar!

Write about what people actually want to read about.

If you’re a blogger, your main goal is to get more traffic to your blog. And if you’re trying to drive traffic, then it’s important that the content on your site be relevant and interesting. The best way I’ve found of doing this is by writing about what my target audience is interested in reading about.

Share your content on social media.

To get more social media traffic to your blog, you should share your content on the most popular social networks. A lot of people use Facebook and Twitter, so those are good places to start. You can also try other platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram if they are relevant for what you write about.

Don’t forget your SEO strategy.

If you want people to find your blog, you’ll need an SEO strategy in place. This means writing posts that are optimized for search engines and using keywords in a way that gets them noticed by Google. By including relevant information and creating valuable content on a regular basis, you can make sure people will find your blog when they’re looking for it.

Improve your site speed.

Google penalizes slow sites, so if your blog isn’t loading as quickly as you would like it to, you could be losing out on valuable traffic. If your site takes longer than two seconds to load and is hosted on a shared host (instead of a VPS), it might be time to consider migrating to a premium host like Fusion Arc Hosting. This host offers virtual private server (VPS) hosting that gives you more control over the resources your site uses and allows for custom settings in cPanel.

You can also get more traffic by re-sharing your most popular content. This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this. If you’ve already published something that has resonated with your audience, then go ahead and share it again on social media—maybe even a few times over! It’s in their interest to read what they have already enjoyed before they start browsing through all of your other posts.

Guest post on other blogs.

Guest blogging is a tried and true way to increase your blog traffic. When you put in the time and effort to write a post for another blog, they will often feature it on their homepage or social media accounts. This gives you exposure that you might not otherwise get.

You can find blogs in your niche by searching Google or searching for “blog” followed by your desired topic (e.g., “blog fitness”). You should also look at related websites in your niche and see if they have any guest posting opportunities listed on their website.

A good guest post includes:

  • A catchy title that incorporates keywords related to the topic
  • An introduction paragraph that provides background information about the article’s topic (i.e., what makes it important?)
  • An explanation of why this specific content is relevant and helpful for readers who want more information about said topic

In a perfect world, every blog post would contain links to related content.

Just imagine how easy it would be for your readers to use the internet if they could just tell their computers what they wanted to know, instead of having to type in search terms.

With this one quick and simple action, you’ll make it much easier for your readers to find what they’re looking for on the web.

Post with the right frequency.

One of the most important ways to increase your blog traffic is to post with the right frequency. You don’t want to overwhelm people with a new post every week or two weeks, but you also don’t want to keep your readers waiting for months on end.

The best way to figure out what frequency works best for you is by looking at other bloggers who have similar topics and audiences as you do. You can find these in the search results when you’re looking for new blogs in your niche (or even just related ones). If they’re doing well, then so should you!


We hope these tips have helped you to boost your blog’s traffic. If you follow all of them, we guarantee that you will get more visitors coming to your site—and hopefully they will stay.

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