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Increase eCommerce Conversions This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses to increase sales and customer lifetime value. However, if you’re not making the most of these valuable opportunities, you may find yourself wishing that your store was open year-round. Here are several ways to make sure your eCommerce site is ready to handle holiday shoppers:

Upgrade your shipping policies

You’ll want to provide free shipping or expedited shipping on orders over a certain amount, and offer international shipping for customers who need it.

  • Same-day delivery is another way to attract shoppers with time constraints, especially if you’re in a major metropolitan area. Consider partnering with other businesses (like restaurants) within your area that offer same-day delivery services.
  • Local pickup is also an option worth considering if your business has brick-and-mortar presence. Shoppers often prefer it because they can avoid wait times and save money by not paying for shipping fees—plus they may be able to check out sooner than if they had placed an order online that required you to ship out their items first before picking them up at a designated location later on in the day or week.

Provide personalized offers across channels

Personalized offers are more likely to convert than standard ones. But it’s not easy for eCommerce sites to create and deliver them quickly, especially during peak periods like the holiday season. Here are three ways you can provide personalized offers across channels:

  • Use data from your website, mobile site and app analytics
  • Look at past behavior on your site (pages viewed) and use that information to determine what products a customer might be interested in making an offer on
  • Collect data on customer demographics (age, gender) through cookies so you know who they are when they visit

Personalize the customer experience

Personalization is a powerful tool for increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates. A personalized offer has the potential to boost your conversion rate by as much as 25%, increase your customer retention, generate higher lifetime value, and increase lifetime revenue.

  • Invite customers to subscribe to your newsletter or send them a discount code.
  • Offer them exclusive access to new products and content you’re launching soon (before they’re available in stores).
  • Thank them for their purchase with a discount code, free shipping, an accessory gift card—or all three!

Use pop-ups to provide value

Pop-ups are a great way to provide value to your customers and increase conversions. You can use pop-ups to promote products, content, sales or discounts. Pop-ups also work for eCommerce stores that are launching new products/services/brands. If you’re promoting something new, it’s important that your customers know about it!

Pop-ups can be used as an incentive for people who have recently purchased from your store or site in the past few days. For example: “You’ve just made your last purchase at our store!” This could encourage them back into making another purchase right away since they just came back anyways (they don’t have time shopping anywhere else). Or maybe there was something they missed out on during their last visit and this could be their chance at grabbing it without having done so yet.”

Harness the power of social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people are likely to follow the actions of others. It can be used as a tool to increase conversions, as people will be more likely to buy if they see that other customers have been satisfied with their purchase. There are many different ways you can harness social proof on your eCommerce store, but here are some examples:

  • Use testimonials and reviews from past customers who have purchased from you before. This is the most obvious way of showing social proof and it helps build trust with new visitors who may not know about your company yet, helping them make a decision about whether or not they want to buy from you.
  • If possible, make contact information readily available so that customers can reach out with questions or concerns about their order status. It’s important not only for providing good customer service but also for building trust between brands/businesses and consumers because it allows them both parties feel like conversations could happen if needed (even if there isn’t an issue!). This also shows potential buyers that other customers have had no problem reaching out either before making purchases OR AFTER purchasing something–which reinforces this belief even further!

Streamline your mobile checkout process

In order to make your mobile checkout process as seamless and efficient as possible, you need to remove any unnecessary steps. Eliminate long and complicated forms. Rather than asking for a full name, address, and phone number all at once (which can be intimidating on a small screen), break down the information into different fields that are easier to see on a small screen. Your goal is to eliminate distractions so that customers can focus solely on completing their transaction without having to think too much about what they’re doing.

Offer omnichannel customer service

  • Offer omnichannel customer service.
  • Live chat, email, and social media are all great channels to use when it comes to answering customer questions. Chatbots are another way you can help answer questions and make sure they’re satisfied.
  • Keep up with the latest trends in technology and product development.


In conclusion, we hope these tips have helped you improve your own eCommerce conversion rate this holiday season. While many of them may sound simple, remember that even small changes can have a big impact—and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort upfront, your customers will appreciate it!

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