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Is cPanel a web hosting company?

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cPanel is a piece of software that lets you manage your website. It’s one of the most popular web hosting control panels out there, and it’s offered by many different companies as part of their service. But does that mean cPanel is a web hosting company? The short answer is no—cPanel isn’t actually a company at all! They’re just the people who make the software that powers a lot of web hosts’ websites. That said, some companies do offer cPanel as part of their services because it makes managing websites easier for their users (including themselves).

cPanel is a piece of software that lets you manage your website.

It’s an easy-to-use interface that allows you to install and manage software on your server, create email accounts, change DNS settings, and more.

No, cPanel isn’t actually a web hosting company.

cPanel is the software that allows you to manage your website. While is not technically a web hosting company, it’s not the same thing as an actual internet service provider like Fusion Arc Hosting. This means that if you want to use cPanel with a server (a computer), you need to purchase that server from another company, either directly or through a reseller.

If this sounds confusing, think of it this way: when you buy an Apple computer like the Macbook Pro or iMac Pro , they come with OS X pre-installed on them—but OS X isn’t the same thing as Apple computers themselves!


cPanel is a piece of software that lets you manage your website.

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