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Linux How to Find Your IP Address in the Command Line?

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How to check your current IP address in Linux is a very common question Linux administrators and web developers ask. Here we will discuss the best command lines you can run to find your current ip address.

Use the following commands:

  • [root@localhost ~]# ip addr :

This will bring you a list of your current local IP addresses and mac addresses for your server or linux computer.

  • [root@localhost ~]# ip addr show em1:

If you are looking to only bring up the ip address of a specific port on your server or computer then this is the command for you. It is important to remember to change the port name to what your device uses we find it usually as eth0, eth1, em0, or em1.

  • [root@localhost ~]# ip route:

The commands above include the mac address and other information however if you are looking for a more minimal command to show you your ip address then this is what you should use.

What is an IP address?

IP address is used in a system, server, or computer for communication. It is a numerical label such as An IP address serves two main functions: network interface identification and location addressing.

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