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Speed Up Your WordPress Website with Gzip Compression

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The Internet is a vast expanse of information and ideas. To keep it moving, you need to make sure that your website works as quickly as possible. To make this happen, you’ll want to turn on GZIP compression for WordPress. In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to get started with GZIP in WordPress and why it’s so important for improving site performance.

What is Gzip?

Gzip is a file format and software application for data compression.

It was created by the GNU Project in 1991, but has since been improved on by other developers. It is currently used to compress and decompress some web pages, often being applied to HTML files.

Gzip can be added to your website with WordPress plugins, or by using Google Page Speed Insights

Why you need Gzip?

Gzip compression is an essential tool for speeding up your website. If you’re not familiar with gzip, it’s a lossless data compression algorithm that reduces the size of webpages, images and other files to transmit faster over the internet. Gzip compresses text by replacing long sequences of characters with shorter codes (huffman coding). It also compresses repetitious strings or blocks of data in frequency-based manner.

Gzip reduces the file size which means that it can reduce loading times by 70 – 80%.

How to Enable GZiP compression in WordPress?

To enable GZIP compression for your blog, you need to install and activate the GZIP Compression plugin.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Go to Plugins >> Add New from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Search for “GZIP Compression” and click Install Now of that plugin. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can view details about this plugin and install it by clicking on Install Now button again. This will start installing the plugin on your blog automatically, so wait until it completes its procedure before moving forward with further steps below!

Speed Up Your WordPress Website with Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is a way of compressing the data in your web pages so they take less time to download.

The goal of gzip compression is to reduce the size of your HTML pages, CSS files and JavaScript files. This makes them load faster because they’re smaller. It also reduces the number of requests that are needed to load your site and allows you to serve more visitors with fewer resources.

If you want to speed up your website, you should implement the GZIP on your site.

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your website, installing the GZIP plugin is an excellent place to start. You can find more information on the plugin here


If you want to speed up your website, you should implement the GZIP on your site. If done correctly, this can result in an increase of up to 70% page load times.

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