The 4 Types of Hosting Services

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Reading Time: 2 minutes With so many options out there it is important for a business owner or a developer to choose the right type of hosting based on there requirements. Here we will break down the top 4 types of hosting services Fusion Arc Hosting has to offer and which you should use. Types of Hosting Services Web […]

How to Generate a Full Backup of Your cPanel Account?

Businessman hand using modern laptop with Cloud Backup concept | Fusion Arc Hosting

Reading Time: < 1 minute 1. Log into your cPanel account.2. In the “Files” section, click on the “Backup” icon. 3. Under “Full Backup“, click on the “Download a Full Website backup” button.  4. From the dropdown menu, select the backup destination as “Home” and enter your email address in the e-mail field so that you can receive a notification when the backup is […]

How to Reset my cPanel Account Password?

Password Reset | Fusion Arc Hosting

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you can access your cPanel account in Fusion Arc Hosting, follow these steps to reset your password: 1. Log into your cPanel account. (eg: )2. In the “Preferences” section, click on “Password & Security” Icon. 3. Enter your old password.4. Enter your new password or use a password generator.5. Click on change password. You will see a success […]