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What Are Plugins In a Website?

The ABCs of Understanding What Are Plugins on a Website

Reading Time: 2 minutes Plugins are a type of software code that can be added to your website and customized to extend the ability of your web page. They can work in tandem with other plugins, providing increased functionality and more advanced features, allowing you to enhance both the design and functionality of your website. What Are Plugins on […]

How to Find and Install WordPress Plugins

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems in the world. But, it can do more than just let you publish your articles online. It also has a collection of plugins that extend its functionality and allow you to do things like make your site mobile responsive, block unwanted visitors, or add […]

Why It’s a Good Idea to Change Your WordPress Login URL?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction If you’re a WordPress user, then you probably use a custom login URL to access your WordPress admin panel. If not, all you need to know is that if someone tries to access your site using the URL of your blog or website, there’s no way for them to know that they are being […]

Top WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction There are a lot of things to consider when running a restaurant. You need to keep an eye on the menu, make sure your employees are doing their jobs, and try to remember that customers come first. That’s why it’s important for a restaurant owner like you to have some helpful plugins installed on […]