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Website Loading Speed Designed to Crush The Competition!

All The Best Technology Available Here.

Designed For All Types Of Hosting

We take your website's or services speed seriously

High SEO Rating

Google is known to use a complicated user experience algorithm, a component of which is website loading speed!

Lower Bounce Rates

When your website loads quickly, the user bounce rate is dramatically lowered, resulting in more page views!

Better Conversion Chance

Visitors who visit your website will be happier if it is fast! This improves conversions by more than 10%!

Only The Best Technology

WordPress Cache Plugin

While with other hosting companies you need to pay extra for a cache plugin we use Litespeed so you get LS Cache Free!

Imunify AV+

Built into the cPanel interface you can see if your website has any malware from our free daily malware scans!

Brute Force Protection

We have brute force detection and automatic blocking. This is very useful for CMS like WordPress.

Free Softaculous

Softaculous is widely utilized in the web hosting sector, having assisted millions of users in installing apps with the click of a button.

cPanel Control Panel

With cPanel access, you can simplify your website. Manage domains, organize files, and add users, among other things.

Litespeed Servers

We have deployed Litespeed on our servers which will provide up to 20x increase in website performance.

Free Auto SSL

Google and other search engines love secure websites which is why we provide SSL free of charge.

99% Uptime

Rest easy knowing we are always online and monitoring our network and servers.

DDOS Protection

Attacks are always happening this is why we continually work to mitigate attacks.

Cage FS

CageFS enabled system. Each customer will have its own fully private slice of the cloud.

CloudLinux OS

The most advanced operating system in the world. Designed specifically for hosting needs.

24/7 System Monitoring

Our team is online 24/7/365 making sure all our servers are online and responds to an issue as they arise.

Cloud SSD/HDD Cloud

Intelligent Cloud architecture fueled by native SSD/HDD storage drives for maximum read/write speeds!

Memcached Cache

On-demand caching for simple PHP storage mechanisms such as arrays, strings, and database and API call results!

Brotli Compression

Brotli is a sophisticated compression technique for lossless data compression. It decreases both the size of the page and the time it takes to load!

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