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The 4 Types of Hosting Services

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With so many options out there it is important for a business owner or a developer to choose the right type of hosting based on there requirements. Here we will break down the top 4 types of hosting services Fusion Arc Hosting has to offer and which you should use.

Types of Hosting Services

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. Cloud VPS Hosting
  4. Cloud Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting:

This is the best for the majority of users who have experience building websites or like to use a popular CMS like WordPress. With our cPanel Web Hosting plans you will get a dedicated slice of our cloud so that you can upload your website pages, images, files, and database.

The good thing about this option is how affordable it is! Our plans starting at only $2.95/month and even better you are always able to stop using the service at your convenience. We make it easy for talented people to build an amazing website on a powerful infrastructure.

Reseller Hosting:

We get a lot of customers that have built a living designing websites for other local businesses or individuals. However creating a Web Hosting plan for each client can make things complicated. This is the reason we have introduced Reseller Hosting plans that allows to you add 100+ websites under one main control panel and we do this while using the #1 website management control panel in the world WHM and cPanel.

This plan is best suited for the following:

  1. Web Design Agencies
  2. Web Hosting Companies
  3. Large Businesses Wanting a Central Panel for all websites
  4. Freelancers Creating Websites as a Side Business

Note: This plan is designed for people who use common website CMS like WordPress and know how to design websites without the help of a drag and drop builder.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Here is where things get interesting! This allows large and small companies and individuals to have a small but powerful server dedicated to them and whatever project they want to create. This provides you with the most customizability at an affordable rate. Our Cloud VPS Hosting servers start at just $8/month.

This plan is best suited for the following:

  1. Developers
  2. Linux Administrators
  3. Large Scale Websites
  4. VPN Providers
  5. Home Automation Companies
  6. Large Companies

Cloud Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is very similar to the Cloud VPS Hosting. However the main difference is that with our Cloud Dedicated Hosting servers you will get much more power and storage. While the uses are the same as with the Cloud VPS Hosting servers sometimes you just need a lot more power for a large website or software and that’s where our top of the line servers come in. Our Cloud Dedicated Hosting plans start at an affordable $40/month.

With all of these options it can be easy to get lost or confused on what type of service you should choose. However our 24/7/365 team is happy to help you choosing the best option for your needs.

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