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What is cPanel web hosting?

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cPanel is one of the most popular control panels that you can find with any web hosting provider. In fact, it’s used by more than 60% of all shared hosts in the world. However, it’s not just used for shared servers but also on VPS and dedicated servers as well. cPanel makes managing your server a breeze and allows you to perform all types of functions related to your account with ease.

What is CPanel and what are its functions?

CPanel is a web hosting control panel. It was designed to give users access to the software tools and features of their server, allowing them to perform a wide range of functions.

Cpanel can be used by both customers and web hosts alike. The main purpose of cPanel is to provide easy-to-use tools for users who want to install apps and manage their server(s), as well as giving hosts control over the servers they host on their networks.

Is My Hosting Provider Using cPanel?

If you are hosting your website on a shared hosting server, chances are that it will be a cPanel server. The majority of web hosts use cPanel as their control panel because it is the most popular control panel among all web hosting providers.


If you are hosting your website on a shared hosting server, chances are that it will be a cPanel server. Well, cPanel is an easy to use control panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your web hosting account effortlessly. In fact, cPanel is the most used web hosting control panel in the world. When you purchase a shared web hosting plan from a reliable web host such as Fusion Arc Hosting, you get access to the cPanel control panel where you can perform all types of functions related to your server. It also lets you install apps such as WordPress onto your account with a single click.

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