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What is the Zone Editor in cPanel?

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The Zone Editor is a feature of cPanel, a web hosting control panel that allows you to configure your website. The Zone Editor lets you manage DNS records for domains hosted on your server. You use it to add or remove subdomains from your domain, also known as zones, and designate their corresponding IP addresses. You can add subdomains through the Domains section in cPanel.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is also known as a control panel, which allows you to manage your websites and domains. You can view the statistics of your visitors and make any necessary changes to your websites using cPanel.

The Zone Editor features in cPanel.

The Zone Editor feature in cPanel is used to add new records to the DNS zone file and edit existing records in the DNS zone file.

Zone Editor is also used to delete records from a given domain’s DNS zone file.

The Zone Editor feature in cPanel manages only one domain at a time and it can be configured with specific settings for that particular domain such as name servers, email addresses and subdomains.


By reading this article, you should now understand the Zone Editor feature in cPanel and how it can be used.

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