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What Is White Label Web Hosting?

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One of the most popular types of website hosting is a white label. If you’re not familiar with this type of web hosting, read on to learn more about what it means and why it’s such an appealing option for many businesses.

What is white label web hosting?

White label web hosting is a way to sell your own brand of hosting services. This way, you can use your own domain name and branding. You can also offer your own support and billing systems.

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How does the white label process work?

The white label process works as follows:

  • A customer can sign up for a white label program. This means they can choose their own brand name, logo, colors, support options and more. You’ll be able to select the specific features that you want your customers to have access to.
  • You’ll then be provided with your own URL (the address of your website). This is often referred to as a “landing page” or an “entry page”.
  • Once you’ve been given this URL by your host, it’s time to create new content! You can upload images, create blog posts and write product descriptions as necessary (these will also act as part of your website).

Why choose one-click white label web hosting?

One-click white label web hosting is a great choice for several reasons. First, it lets you start your own hosting business without the need to invest in costly servers and equipment. You can simply use one of our own servers and customize it using our custom shell scripts. That way you won’t have to worry about having enough bandwidth or storage space—our software will take care of that!

Second, using one-click white label web hosting allows you to monetize your website by charging customers for access without having to deal with any complicated billing systems or contracts. This makes setting up payment gateways and handling refunds easy, so your customers will always be satisfied with their experience when buying from you. You can even offer different packages at different prices if there’s something specific that some people need more than others (like dedicated IP addresses).


If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, white label web hosting might be the perfect opportunity. It’s easy to get started and doesn’t require any technical knowledge if you are just looking to resell hosting services. No need for expensive equipment or additional employees—just sign up, choose your plan and start selling!

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