Customers Getting Duplicate Invoice Emails For the Month Reported
Priority - Critical Affecting Other - Billing System


Our team has been notified of getting another email for this month and an overdue invoice. Fusion Arc Hosting was doing maintenance on our billing system recently if you received this email please let us know. NOTE: Our system may have sent you an overdue invoice however this was just a testing email and you will not be charged until next month's billing cycle. Our team is happy to provide more details on your account via a billing ticket. 

The email can be safely ignored.

Fusion Arc Hosting Billing Team

Server Upgrades Scheduled
Priority - Critical Affecting Other - Fusion Arc Website, Database, Billing & Support System, Fusion Arc Hosting Core Services

3/10/2022 1:57PM Mountain Time USA


Fusion Arc Hosting will perform scheduled maintenance and upgrades on all core systems. This has no effect on client servers, web hosting, or reseller hosting. Only the following systems will be impacted:

  • Fusion Arc Hosting (Main Website)
  • Fusion Arc Hosting (Knowledgebase)
  • Fusion Arc Hosting (Client Area)
  • Fusion Arc Hosting (Support/Ticket Systems)
  • Fusion Arc Hosting (Billing System)

While we always try for continuous uninterrupted service, our team does require the above-mentioned services to be shut down for what we expect to be 30 minutes. We will start by applying all updates and software critical upgrades, and after everything is ready, we will begin the upgrade operation. We will notify you of the start date of the upgrade operation before we begin it.

Again, this upgrade will have no effect on our customers' websites or servers; it will only create a brief interruption in the Fusion Arc Hosting infrastructure. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know by submitting a support ticket; we are pleased to assist.


== 3/10/2022 4:08PM

 Please note the upgrade process is now in progress systems should be down for only about 30 minutes however once we are back online we will give you a notice. 


==3/10/2022 4:48PM 

All systems online. Upgrades and scheduled maintenance were fully successful. We are now monitoring for any additional issues if any. If you have any issues or questions please do let us know via a support ticket.

Scheduled Security and Performance Updates Scheduled
Priority - Medium Affecting Other - -

Hello Fusion Arc Enthusiast!


We wanted to let you know that we will be updating, patching, and implementing new security measures to help protect your websites and services. 
Fusion Arc Hosting does not expect any disruptions to our services at this time. Our servers and systems may, however, encounter brief periods of increased latency or packet loss. Rest assured that our team will go above and beyond to guarantee that you continue to receive the outstanding service you deserve.

few significant components of the enhanced security measures are to help safeguard our users from everyday threats detected by our Network Operations Team, as well as as result of today's challenges:

  • WordPress Brute Force (Powered along with Litespeed)
  • Adjusting DDOS Detection Rules
  • Adjusting and updating ModSecurity rules
  • Adjusting Imunify AV+ as we are working to get this solution not just as an addon on but free to all users under a (Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, or Semi Dedicated Plans)
  • Creating a pathway for the new Semi Dedicated Hosting plans designed for web design agencies and large-scale resellers.


We will continue to fine-tune and add new features to our services as needed and when opportunities to improve your experience arise. 
If you have any questions, comments, or issues, please contact our support team by submitting support request.
We are available 24 hours day, days week, and would be delighted to assist you.

To Your Continued Success:

Fusion Arc Hosting | NOC Colorado, ODIN, Aurora


Cloudflare cPanel Plugin Request Scheduled
Priority - Medium Affecting Other - Added Functionality Request


Our team is looking into partnering with Cloudflare in order to add the cPanel Cloudflare software. The cPanel plugin will allow our customers to have the ability to provision Cloudflare services through cPanel, it requires ‘Advanced Zone Editor’ to be enabled. This can be found in the cPanel ‘Feature Manager’ and ‘Edit’ next to default in the “Edit a Feature List’ section.


At this time Fusion Arc Hosting is fully capable of integrating this plugin into our cPanel servers however we do need Cloudflare to provide us access to a partner account and a Host Key for the API system. We have requested this on 1/16/2022 and look forward to hearing from Cloudflare if we are approved. 

Updates will be placed here. Should you have any questions our support team is online and ready to assist you.


Update 2/9/2022: We have not received a response from the Cloudflare team, and as a result, we are unable to complete the Cloudflare plugin installation. We have contacted Cloudflare once more to see if they can provide us with an update on the status of our account. More information will be provided when it becomes available. We really appreciate your patience.

Server Status

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(Japan) Tokyo Datacenter
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(Singapore) Singapore Datacenter
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(U.K) London Datacenter
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(USA) Atlanta Georgia Datacenter
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(USA) Dallas Texas Datacenter
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(USA) Fremont California Datacenter
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(USA) Newark New Jersey Datacenter
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