(VPS Cloud Infastructure Failure) (Investigating)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - (Aurora Power Supply Failure)
  • Hello,

    Our Monitoring team has discovered an issue that has required emergency maintenance on the parent server that hosts your VPS. We apologize for any interruption in service this may cause, however it is of the utmost importance that this manner is attended to quickly and thoroughly. We anticipate this work to be brief and all services to be fully restored upon its completion.


    Update 3:31PM Mountain Time our network and level three support agents have detected the cause of the outage. The server/Aurora platform experienced a power supply outage and caused all cloud VPS servers hosted under Aurora to shut down during that error. Our agents took down the server for emergency maintenance and immediately replaced the power supply and powered back the Aurora infrastructure and have tested all servers hosted under the platform and all websites. All is up and running. Please let us know if you still are experiencing issues regarding this. We will continue to check on the system to ensure up time.

  • Date - 09/03/2019 07:27
  • Last Updated - 09/15/2019 12:48

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