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Why Is My IP Address Being Blocked?

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Why can I not access my website or cPanel/WHM?

Sometimes the website hosted by us is unavailable. Furthermore, you are unable to access cPanel, WHM or webmail. The URLs and both return an error message. ” The server connection has expired”. What is going on?

Why does Fusion Arc Hosting block my IP?

Automatic firewall blocks are established for a specific external IP address from which the Firewall monitoring application detected unauthorized access attempts. If your IP address fails 20 times in a row, it is temporarily banned for 10 minutes. If further failed login attempts are discovered within this time, the IP address will be permanently blacklisted. This account will be temporarily disabled for 5 minutes if the server detects 15 unsuccessful login attempts from different IP addresses.

What can be the reason of the IP being blocked?

  • Exceeding the number of failed cPanel login attempts
  • Failed POP3/IMAP/SMTP or Webmail login
  • Incorrect email client settings
  • Failed FTP/SSH login
  • Failed web page login
  • PortScan activity

How can I gain access or unblock my IP address?

As this block is placed on by our firewall and other security systems we need to unblock you. If you would like to check if your IP address is being blocked and or if you would like us to unblock your ip simply open a new support ticket and provide us with your public IP address.

If you do not know your IP address please visit here and copy and paste your IP in the support ticket:

Contact Support:

Get help via our 24/7/365 support team: Here

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