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Restore a full cPanel backup via root Command Line

virtual private server
Reading Time: 2 minutes

WARNING: Make sure you keep a full backup on your local computer while doing migrations. Also keep the remote server and or account active until you know all files have been transferred successfully. This is to make sure the data is not lost. * Best to be done while having root access to a server.

How to backup all content within a cPanel account:

This includes backup of (All files, pictures, databases, and more)

Step 1: Log into your cPanel account in question. Locate “Backup” click on it.

Step 2: Click on the blue button “Download a Full Account Backup”

Step 3: Generate a backup.
NOTICE: Depending on the size of your website and its contents this may take a while. However you will get a notification via email of when it is complete.

Step 4: When the backup is complete within the same “Backups” page you will now see a new backup under “Backups Available for download” as shown above.
Step 5: Download that and you have successfully made a full backup of your cPanel and its contents.

How to restore all content within a cPanel account using a full cPanel backup via Command Line:

Step 1: 
If you do not have root access provide your web hosting provider the backup file as they need to restore it for you. However if you do have full root access to your server example (VPS or Dedicated Server) log into your server as root.
Step 2: Upload the file to your server via FTP under /home.
Step 3: Within the command line under /home you can take a full account backup using the script: /scripts/restorepkg filename . The filename will be the name from your backup usually the cPanel log in username.

Step 4: Run this command and you will get an output from the server within the command line giving you an update on the status of the restoration.

Congratulations the restore is complete go back to cPanel on the new server and check the cPanel for any missing files and data. Let us know of any questions we are happy to help.

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