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How Many Website Are There on The Internet?

how many website are there on the internet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction Have you ever pondered the vastness of the internet? In a world where digital connectivity is an integral part of our lives, one question looms large: How Many Websites Are There on The Internet? In this article, we will embark on a fascinating journey to uncover the answer while navigating the boundless expanses of […]

Safeguarding Your Website: Fusion Arc Hosting’s Multi-Layered Security Measures against Cyber Attacks

Security Fusion Arc Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Understanding the Threat Landscape In today’s fast-paced digital world, cyber attacks pose a constant threat to online assets. At Fusion Arc Hosting, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. With malicious actors continuously seeking vulnerabilities, Brute Force Attacks and DDoS attacks remain among the most common and disruptive methods employed. […]

Is Reseller Hosting Worth It? Pros, Cons, and Insights

reseller hosting worth it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction Are you wondering if reseller hosting is worth it? Whether you’re considering entering the web hosting business or looking to expand your services, understanding the pros and cons of reseller hosting is crucial. In this article, we will explore whether reseller hosting is worth it by examining the benefits and drawbacks of this business […]

What Are The 5 Best WordPress page builders for 2023?

What Are The 5 Best WordPress page builders for 2023?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether you’re a WordPress developer, or someone who wants to create beautiful and powerful pages with ease, you’ll need the right WordPress page builder solution. 1. Elementor Elementor is among the top contenders when it comes to WordPress page builders. It offers a powerful user interface, so you can customize and design your pages quickly. […]

What’s the Best Web Host for a WordPress Blog?

What's the Best Web Host for a WordPress Blog?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re looking to create a successful WordPress blog, choosing the right web hosting plan is essential. With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know which one will give you the best performance and most reliable support. We’ll help you figure out what the best web hosting plan for a […]

What Is a Fully Qualified Domain Name?

What Is a Fully Qualified Domain Name?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A fully qualified domain name is an address that uniquely identifies a network component or service within a domain. It is comprised of multiple parts (subdomains, hostnames, and top-level domains) and represents the location of a website on the internet. Understanding FQDNs will help you better manage your business’ online presence. What is a Fully […]

How to Change the Default Timezone in PHP

How to Change the Default Timezone in PHP

Reading Time: 2 minutes PHP is a widely used programming language for web development, and many developers use it to create dynamic websites and applications. Changing the default timezone in PHP is an important step for setting up your script, as it ensures that time-related functions returns the correct results. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set […]

Why Is Website Quality important in SEO

Why Internal Link Juice Matters in SEO and Website Quality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Internal link juice, also known as link equity, is a term used to describe the quality and value of links between pages on a website. It’s important for any business with an online presence because it helps enhance website visibility in search engines. Learn more about why it’s essential for SEO success. What is Internal […]

Why My Website Says Not Secure

Why My Websites Says Not Secure

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction If your website is not secure, it can leave you wide open to attacks. These attacks can cause your users to lose trust in your site, as well as reduce your Google ranking. In this post, we’ll explain why SSL is important for every site, and how you can fix the issue if it’s […]

Which Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Which Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction Hi there! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on what’s the best web hosting for your WordPress site. In this post, we’ll go over the different types of WordPress hosting and explain why each one is a good option. Shared hosting for WordPress Shared hosting is the easiest way […]