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Why My Website Says Not Secure

Why My Websites Says Not Secure
Reading Time: 2 minutes


If your website is not secure, it can leave you wide open to attacks. These attacks can cause your users to lose trust in your site, as well as reduce your Google ranking. In this post, we’ll explain why SSL is important for every site, and how you can fix the issue if it’s affecting yours.

My Website is Not Secure Why?

To understand why your website is not secure, you need to know what a SSL certificate is. A SSL certificate is an encryption technology that secures data transmission between two computers and makes sure no one can eavesdrop on your online activity.

If your website uses an invalid or expired SSL certificate, visitors will see a warning message telling them that the site’s security cannot be verified before they enter any personal information on it (for example: login credentials). This will make them hesitant about using the website because they don’t want their sensitive information stolen by hackers who may be lurking around in cyberspace waiting for someone like them!

How Does It Affect My Site?

You may be wondering how this affects your site. The answer is simple: Google will not rank your website and Google will show a warning to users that visit it.

How Do I Fix This?

The good news is that you can fix this easily by getting an SSL certificate. It’s a little bit of money, but it will make your website look more professional and secure to visitors.

No SSL Cert = No Google Ranking

Google wants to make the web more secure. That’s why it has started penalizing websites that don’t use SSL certificates, also known as HTTPS.

A website without an SSL certificate will have a red warning banner at the top of its page and will show up as “not secure” in your browser’s address bar. You can see an example of this on Yahoo or Bing search results pages–they show up with a red warning symbol next to them because they don’t have SSL certificates enabled yet.


In summary, if you’re looking to improve your website’s security and Google ranking, then it’s time to get an SSL certificate. If you have any questions about the process or want help choosing the right one for your business, contact us today!

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