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Why You Should Learn Basic Coding Skills

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Coding is in the news lately, and it’s an exciting time to take it up. We’re all familiar with coding, even if we don’t know it by name. It’s what powers our favorite apps and websites. Learning how to code doesn’t just help you land a job — it helps you understand how the web works and gives you new ways to express yourself creatively.

Coding skills are useful for landing a job.

You should learn to code because it’s a valuable skill that can help you land a job.

Companies are looking for applicants with coding skills, and they’re willing to pay more if you have them. But it’s not just about landing the job. Coding is also useful for getting promoted once you’ve found work, as many companies use coding tests as part of their performance reviews. This is especially true in fields like engineering and software development; even non-technical jobs require employees who know how to build things from scratch or solve problems creatively.

Being able to code can help you manage your online presence.

Learning basic coding skills can help you manage your online presence. If you’ve been using the same email account for years but want to start a new website, or if your Facebook page is getting old and outdated, learning to code can help you create a new, more streamlined social media presence that reflects who you are today. If your company has grown exponentially and now has offices around the globe, or if it’s time to move past the current website design in favor of something more modern and professional-looking, learning how to code will enable you (or someone on your team) to make those changes yourself instead of relying on outside designers or developers at an hourly rate.

The web is getting more personalized.

The web is getting more personalized. We all know this, but how will this change the way we live? Well, for one thing, it means that websites are becoming increasingly customized to each user. That means they can cater to your needs and interests in a way that’s not possible with other media formats like print or TV.

Personalization features can range from simple things like recommending products based on what you’ve purchased before (Amazon does this) to more complex personalization based on location and behavior (Google). Personalized content isn’t just good for marketers—it also benefits consumers by giving them content that is relevant to their interests and needs as opposed to generic material geared toward mass consumption.

You’ll be able to make your own apps or build your own site.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to build your own apps and sites. You can use this newly-acquired skill to manage your online presence as well. Learning how to code is fun, so don’t get discouraged if it takes some time for it all to click. After all, learning a new language is difficult at first!

Coding is good for kids and the future.

Coding can be a useful skill for kids and teens to learn. The future is here, and coding is going to be one of the most important skills you can have in your toolkit. While it might not pay off immediately, proper learning will help students find jobs later in life.

It’s also a creative way for kids to express themselves. Coding allows people who love technology to share their interests with others through games, apps and websites.

Coding will give you a new way to express yourself in a creative way.

Coding is a creative process. In fact, there are several ways that coding can be used to express yourself and communicate with others.

One way coding is creative is through the design of applications and websites. Coding enables you to create something from nothing, which can be very satisfying if you enjoy seeing your own ideas come alive on screen.

Another way coding is creative is in its ability for people from different backgrounds to collaborate and make something together. Even if two people don’t speak the same language or have similar experiences, they can still use their creativity together using software programs like GitHub!

Coding can become a social activity.

Coding can become a social activity. If you’re working on a project, it might be helpful to bounce ideas off of other people who are involved in that project. Coding is usually done by yourself, but there are ways to make it less lonely.

You can do coding with friends and family members. If you have kids (or nieces and nephews), they might enjoy learning how to code together! Or maybe if you’re having trouble explaining something, your friend could help you out with some advice or tips on writing better code.

Everyone should at least know some basic coding skills

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a professional developer, there are many reasons why everyone should at least know some basic coding skills. For one thing, these skills can help you land a job. While most companies don’t require their employees to be able to write code on the job, they do want workers who can understand how it works and how it affects their business.

Being able to code also helps you manage your online presence and build tools that work for you. The web is getting more personalized all the time—people are creating apps that fit their own needs instead of relying on big companies, who may or may not have services tailored for them (and might even charge them for those services). Code literacy allows people like us to take control of our online experience by making our own apps or building our own sites without having to pay anyone else!


The internet is constantly changing, and it’s important to stay on top of the latest technology. Code literacy will help you adapt to new technologies and keep up with new trends. It also opens up many career opportunities that weren’t available before—you can create your own tools, or work for companies that value your skills.

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